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ApS-Ethos Virtuoso is the ultimate professional punching software. Stitch patterns and effects allow unlimited user creativity with the production of customised decorative stitching for any purpose, especially fashion embroidery. Automatic image/vector conversion tools within the software also guarantee optimum productivity.
Virtuoso punching
professional punching software
stitch patterns and effects
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professional embroidery software



Integrated Drawing tools

vector conversion

fashion embroidery software


Stitch Effect Creation

stitch patterns and effects

stitch patterns and effects


Automatic Conversion

professional punching software


image conversion


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professional punching software


  • Comprehensive, MS Access compatible database.
  • Palette Manager for setting specific thread shades and alternative colourways.
  • Instruction Sheet with all design details, thread shades and running order.
  • Scan directly into software or import images.
  • Image Manipulation tools.
  • Ability to specify block colour and function assignment.
  • Outline Punching.
  • Variety of stitch types.
  • Automatic Underlays.
  • Outline editing.
  • Point manipulation tools.
  • New Stitch effect patterns can be created
  • Photostitch
  • 'Branching tool' - reduces the punching time of a design
  • Complex Fill - multiple holes can be entered into step/fill stitch
  • Automatic Bordering
  • Satin Serial input allows even width satin bars to be input automatically.
  • Reordering, alignment and transformation
  • 70 Satin fonts.
  • Font Creation - New fonts may be created or True Type fonts converted.
  • Stitch Estimator
  • Unlimited Stitch Pattern creation in any stitch effect.
  • Drawing package allows artworks to be created prior to punching.
  • Image Trace - Allows conversion of backdrop images into punch outlines.
  • Vector Conversion - Artworks can automatically be converted to stitches.
  • Automatic Appliqué - Automatically converts drawing or punch outlines


The 'Browser' is a fully integrated MS Access compatible database that allows embroidery designs to be stored and viewed in numerous ways. Customers, categories, directories and design states are all user definable. The Find tool allows searches to be performed on design name, reference, description and keywords. There is a full complement of database maintenance tools including automatic archiving for easy backup of designs by Name, Customer, Category, Date and Folder.


A range of relevant information can be stored with any design including customer, detailed description/instruction and stitch count. Specific thread shades and/or colourways can be assigned and stored. A selection of instruction sheets can be printed containing all this information together with the design running sequence.


Designs can be imported and exported to the majority of industrial embroidery machine formats including Tajima, Barudan, ZSK and Pfaff. A single ApS-Ethos system can be networked directly or via an interface to a number of embroidery machines to offer greater production control. The Browser database can also be shared over a network to allow easy transfer and monitoring of designs through a company.


Virtuoso allows an image to be scanned directly or imported from another source. Tools exist to prepare and edit the image and the design can be scaled as required. The Stitch Estimator can generate an estimated stitch count for the whole design, parts of a design or colour by colour. The image conversion allows a prepared image to be automatically converted to punched outline data.

Simple, user friendly outline punching tools allow areas of Running, Satin and Step to be created with both curve and line input possible via the mouse. Outline points can be moved, deleted, changed, inserted and added to allow for easy editing of any punched outline. Punched outlines can also be moved, inserted, rotated, deleted, reordered, cut, copied and pasted for fully comprehensive design manipulation.

Alignment/placement tools exist for accurate positioning of outlines. They can also be extensively rescaled, effects reassigned where appropriate and the whole design restitched allowing a single design to be used at several sizes and for different garments. Exit points can be positioned while punching or moved when an outline is completed. The 'branching' feature allows multiple outlines of the same effect to be created and connected together as a single object. When the stitches are generated the software calculates the most efficient stitching sequence substantially reducing punching time and allowing easier manipulation of multiple objects.

The inclusive Bordering tool can automatically generate a Satin border of an input width around any Running or Step punched outline and Satin Serial allows the automatic creation of even width Satin columns while punching.

The integrated Drawing Composer allows Vector drawing files to be imported or original artworks created. A range of conversion tools is then available to automatically convert these files into punched outlines to reduce punching time even further. Automatic Appliqué allows either drawing or punched outlines to be converted instantly into an appliqué design with all appropriate machine functions.

Stitch Effects

There are 3 types of Running stitch available including Manual input, 4 types of Satin stitch and 3 types of Step/Fill stitch, including Photostitch. All effects can be extensively edited to suit all purposes and new effects can easily be created and stored. Advanced, specialised stitch effects include Random Satin and Step, Graduated Step, E-stitch and Moss stitch. Standard controls include density, stitch length, pattern, and compensation. Standard underlays are available and the ability to extensively modify underlay settings to suit specific requirements.

The branching tool allows any Step outline to be intersected with 4 types of Vector to leave areas unstitched or to apply user defined patterns. The Style Editor allows user defined stitch motifs to be created and applied to any effects to offer unlimited decorative patterns. A series of different offsets can also be applied to Step stitch effects to create endless combinations of stitch patterns.

Stitch Editing

The Virtuoso Punching level is combined with Creative Writer Editing to offer the appropriate editing capabilities.


The most powerful text tools exist in this level allowing the user to input over 70 pre-set Satin fonts and convert any True Type fonts into Satin stitch or Step/Running with optional Satin borders. Satin fonts include compensated versions for problem fabrics, fonts for small lettering and two colour fonts. Lettering can be typed in on a line, arc, circle or user defined path as well as vertically. A wide variety of text transforms can be applied to any input lettering including bridge, perspective and globe. Height, font, bolden, slant, spacing, placement and offset can all be manipulated to produce any required arrangement of lettering. Text can also be condensed to fit any width and stitching direction can be easily changed to produce lettering for caps. True Type lettering that has been converted into Satin stitch can be transformed into permanent fonts for repeat use. The user can also modify/create Running, Satin and Step stitch effects allowing full control over densities, underlays, stitch length, pattern, compensation, stitch type etc.

Virtuoso Punching


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