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ApS-Ethos is an advanced suite of embroidery software enabling users to create work quickly and efficiently. The Software is designed in a modular format - so you only buy what you need. Packages starting at just $400.00.

embroidery software

Allows design storage/backup, production control and full networking capabilities.


lettering software

Mini Writer
An entry level monogramming and stitch block editing system also offering production control and design storage.

An Editing level offering comprehensive block and stitch editing tools together with powerful automated text facilities.

Creative Writer
The highest level of both stitch and block editing capabilities with unlimited methods of inputting and transforming text together with True Type font conversion.

punching software


Offers both Punching and Editing features giving the user the ability to create new designs as well as modifying existing stitch designs.

Punching Artisan

Strong Punching capabilities with automatic bordering and a wide variety of stitch types.


Production orientated Punching system with full text capabilities and advanced stitch effect features.

Endless stitch effect creation with fully automated punching tools and integrated Drawing package.

*Refunds given only to unopened software packages


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