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ApS-Ethos Mini Writer

ApS-Ethos Mini Writer introduces lettering capabilities allowing customising of existing designs and simple monogramming.
Mini Writer
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Control over Satin stitch properties

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Choice of 5 high quality fonts

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  • Comprehensive, MS Access compatible database.
  • Ability to create unlimited customers, categories, directories and design states.
  • Archiving by Design, Customer, Category, Date and Folder.
  • Import and Export for all major industrial machine formats.
  • Palette Manager for setting specific thread shades and alternative colourways.
  • Instruction Sheet with all design details, thread shades and running order.
  • Ability to change colour and function assignment.
  • Block editing.
  • Text - 5 fonts with line and arc input.
  • Cap Render - view design against an actual cap.
  • Render View

    Additional Options - Stitch Graduator


The 'Browser' is a fully integrated MS Access compatible database that allows embroidery designs to be stored and viewed in numerous ways. Customers, categories, directories and design states are all user definable. The Find tool allows searches to be performed on design name, reference, description and keywords. There is a full complement of database maintenance tools including automatic archiving for easy backup of designs by Name, Customer, Category, Date and Folder.


A range of relevant information can be stored with any design including customer, detailed description/instruction and stitch count. Specific thread shades and/or colourways can be assigned and stored. A selection of instruction sheets can be printed containing all this information together with the design running sequence.


Designs can be imported and exported to the majority of industrial embroidery machine formats including Tajima, Barudan, ZSK and Pfaff. A single ApS-Ethos system can be networked directly or via an interface to a number of embroidery machines to offer greater production control. The Browser database can also be shared over a network to allow easy transfer and monitoring of designs through a company.


While primarily an entry level monogramming system Mini Writer also offers basic block editing tools allowing the user to move, delete and change the colour/function of any block in a design.


Five standard fonts are included with Mini Writer and can be input on a line or an arc. Text height, font, bolden, slant, spacing and offset can all be manipulated and a single right click generates the final stitches. The user also has control over the settings of the Satin effect allowing densities, underlays etc. to be modified for different fabrics.

ApS-Ethos Mini Writer


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