G S USA Inc. was established in 1997 to supply the US and Canada with a full line of embroidery solutions. Built with the success and experience of our employees and GS UK Ltd in Nottingham, England; we aim to provide the highest quality service and support to our customers.

With this foundation, we bring to the embroidery software market a Windows 95/NT based, 32 bit software package called ApS-Ethos. Year's of development have gone into reinventing the wheel and smoothing out those jagged edges to let it turn seamlessly. The result is a software package that retains the powerful features and facilities of our old DOS based ApS software but yet becomes easier to use, more intuitive and truly user friendly.

From entry level machine output and design management through stitch editing and powerful text facilities to digitizing at the cutting edge, we have a solution to meet anyone's demands. All our software is modular which allows us to tailor it to meet both your requirements and your budget, but still provide an easy upgrade path as your business grows. When you buy software from us you will also receive inclusive training and full technical support as we want you to get the most from the products we provide.


G S USA, Inc. (U.S. Corporate Headquarters)
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sales@gs-usa.com Web: http://www.gs-usa.com

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